Portal the Game


Portal is a mind blowing game. It is a witty puzzle game that will impress one and all. Over the world there are many game maniacs who search for good games to play and they are willing to go to any lengths for the quality games. Well people, your search is now over, Finally Portal the Game has arrived. In this article, I’ll discuss about the game itself.


Portal the Game is a great game to play. Anyone can guess it is a witty game for a puzzle and keeps everyone guessing. It is the creation of Valve Technology and it has brilliant songs in it to go with witty story. It keeps everyone on the edge. Here, all you do is open a portal and move from one place to another swiftly and along the way you solve puzzles. The ending of the game may be prolonged but is never before seen so it has a unique newness to it.


Well, this game, as many have said, is short. It’s shorter than a film according to many gamers. But still Portal is of every dollar or pound that it’s worth. It combines so many things into a single short package that it’s hard to imagine. But the game ends too quickly. It can be done and dusted in duration of five hours. Valve has tried it’s best to stretch things a little with putting Advanced chambers into the game which are a lot tougher than regular chambers.


Portal begins with you sleeping in a Pod. A cell of glass wall surrounds you. You wake up hearing a voice. The cell is called “Relaxation Vault”. After you snap out of your little nap, you will see a oval opening through the walls. You will see two types of portals (yellow and blue). A woman will soon come out of one of the portals and will start mimicking what you do. Very soon you will realize that it is none but you from another time. It’s just the beginning. The experience will be creepier afterwards.

The first few levels of Portal the Game is fairly simple as the introduction of technology goes on. But later, eventually you get a Portal Gun in your hand. Certain places or floors in the game are not portal-able. But they will eventually have solutions. The real beauty of the game lies elsewhere. It teaches you to go deeply into the technology of the game and you tend to think in portals even when you are not playing.

The main character of the game is equally important behind making the game a success. Initially GLAdos, the main character is somewhat dry in humor but eventually she transforms into a perfect character by virtue of some great writing of some intelligent people who know how to make a short game worth of every Dollar it costs. It has received a rating of 9.0 from gamespot so you can imagine how strong punch this game portal packs.

I strongly recommend Portal the Game as it will be a great experience. Though short but portal presents you with good environment and great gameplay to compensate for the duration.