Portal 2 Flash Game


The gamers of the world would love to play the latest version of Portal that means Portal 2 is round the corner folks. To top it all it has been incorporated into a flash version. All in all Portal 2 Flash Game is ready for you to try. The new version of Portal has amazingly new features that will blow your minds out. First lets go through a little bit of rewinding. I mean lets discuss what the big brother (Portal 2 for PC) has to offer.


The Positives:

Portal 2 has new gameplay and even better writing job than the first one has been done by the developers. The first one was clever alright but it has some integrated features which enhances the experience. New situations are things you could experience with the game. New characters have enriched the gamplay experience altogether with a cooperative campaign. You can expect the Portal Mechanics to improve here. Now lets come to the Portal 2 Flash Game. It might not have same kind of excitement as the PC version has to offer but this adaptation has hugely intriguing levels and brainstorming for you to do. Portal 2 answers the unanswered questions of the first one and the flash game takes all these elements to the 2D level. Those who played Portal 2 on PC platform will soon realize that the elements which made the PC version a standout, is adapted in the flash installment as well. The game answered the most familiar question “What happens now?” The flash version of Portal 2 tries to do the same it carries on from the first flash version of Portal. You can expect over 30 levels of brainstorming adventure.

Like the PC game AL comes back and the elements of AL’s persona is retained. He will try to team up with the gamer like the pc version to escape the potential disaster. The voice acting in the flash version of Portal 2 retains the quality of the actual PC game.

Initially it’s just movement training like the first flash version, the portal gun comes much later. But when you get the portal gun, be ready to experience newer scenarios unlike the first one where it gets a bit repeatative at times. The Portal 2 Flash game will test your brains and your capacity through its interactive nature of Gameplay.

The Negatives and The Way of Coping:

The game portal 2 has frequent loading time. The time it consumes is too much. But the flash game consumes less space and Portal 2 Flash Game is the perfect miniature of the original. The experience is almost the same but it kills less time. There is a leaderboar which inspires you in the flash version to keep up with the contemporary players unlike the PC version itself. It might be a slow starting game for Portal 1 players but very soon you will be seeing malfunctioning robots and broken test chambers which will signify the difference in environment compared to the first flash game. The details have improved and so has the audio to give you a “Close to PC” experience. So game maniacs, happy playing.