Play Portal

Game lovers of the world often search for unique game with great gameplay these days. I have a perfect suggestion for them. I would like to recommend you to play Portal. Portal is as the name suggests. You need portals to access various places in the game. The game takes you to a scientific facility and you are put in a chamber with no doors, only glass walls. You need to create portals to get yourself out of the rooms and solve puzzles along the way.


It is a great experience playing Portal. The game challenges the spatial imagination of the players to the limit. The game is released by Valve. It charmed both the players and the critics to the same extent. The game is every bit of thrilling and exciting as its cost is.


Play Portal yourself to believe. But every game has a few drawbacks and portal is no exception. Portal thrills one and all but the thrill and excitement is very short lived. Portal lasts for a little over five hours. It is disappointing in a way. But five hours of gameplay is enough to challenge one’s wit. It teaches you to think out of the box and adapt strategic. You need to think in portals to solve every complex situation. It adds to the humor by letting you play with you along the way. Glados is the perfect match with the portal technology of the game. These two elements complement each other very adequately. The portal may be short but worth every bit of the cost.

Have Fun!