Portal Flash Game

There is nothing better to gamers than a game which challenges their abilities as players. The game needs to be of top notch to be appealing to the gamers. Portal is the game which actually takes the gamers into a whole new world of gameplay through its interactive puzzles and humorous dialogues. The game is designed to challenge the spatial abilities of the one who plays it. Even though it is short in the PC version but Portal Flash game sort of retains the quality and extends the gameplay experience further. One might complain that portal PC version is a little over 5 hours so it tends to end before it actually begins but when you play Portal Flash Game, it takes away the time limit and gives you 40 intriguing levels to play and think for.

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Those who played the PC version and experienced the game, know that the PC version was unmatched when it came to Humorous situations and witty gameplay. But to amaze you, the flash adaptation is not to bad itself. It retains the original characters and thrills. It sure pleased the gamers and the critics alike. The game still has the same amount of wittyness distributed in 40+ levels of gameplay and like the game itself, the difficulties only increase over time. The game had some great voice overs which are retained in the Portal Flash Game. If you are looking for the same thrill but in a lot less space this is the place for you. Just go find Portal Flash Game and get started. It would be nice to revisit Glados and AL one more time, wouldn’t it? The same thrill in a small package as I call it. Everything is same but yet different.


Well, Portal Flash Game has retained virtually everything that was there in the PC. There is a console for you to handle in this. It has the same Fireballs, the Crusher etc. Press A, W, D for movement. If you want to open Blue and Yellow portals, Q and E would do it for you. Press ~ to access the console, O to change the details and ESC. or P to pause the game.

The Portal Flash Game is a miniature of the PC version. So, it would be unwise to compare it to the original. The details of the game might seem a bit off. But for those who didn’t play the PC version it would seem entertaining to the same extent. But I’d personally insist that you play the PC version first just to get the hang of it. The flash version is the work of Mazolsky and Tal and it suffices by adding over 40 levels of intense, brainstorming levels for you to overcome. So the scope for complaint is very minimal. Try your hands at the flash version and you will see that the 2D adaptation is not half bad of the original. In fact, it adds to the experience for those who can’t have enough of the original game. The shortness of the PC version made the gamers want to have more of it and here Portal Flash Game suffices their claims with adequet hours of gameplay (try the 40 levels and you will know).